The street food formula meets the quality of selected meat, enhanced by homemade sauces created by our Chef.

Meat, fish and vegetables in 6 proposals, cooked on a wood grill and enhanced by Himalayan pink salt.

From Monday to Friday, for lunch and dinner, exclusively at:
Acqua e Farina – Agrate Brianza
Grani&Braci – Milano Monumentale
Karné – Milano Centrale
Sanmauro – Casatenovo
Risoamaro – Mariano Comense

Bomb explosion
From Apulia to Val Padana

Apulian flasks grilled with slices of pork, stuffed with Provolone Valpadana DOP and parsley, wrapped in crispy bacon, veal marinated in mustard, Irpinia black pork bacon, Black Angus beef GRASS FED, zucchini and peppers.
50 cm in length e circa 630 grams, recommended for 2 people.

€ 29

Top quality
only selected beef

Wagyu, Chianina, Black Angus GRASS FED, fresh spring onion, cherry tomatoes and peppers.

€ 27

Braciami ancora
the pork you do not expect

Pork sausage from Mantua wrapped in Irpinia black pork fresh bacon, Black Angus GRASS FED beef steak and Coppa (traditional cured meat), leeks and peppers.

€ 24

Lo Spiedo
a BBQ’s must

Black Angus GRASS FED beef, larded pork fillet, pork wrapped in bacon, chicken bites, peppers and fresh onions.

€ 22

Parilla reale
great mixed grill

Veal, Black Angus GRASS FED beef, pork sausage from Mantua, black pork fillet from Irpinia and fresh bacon.

€ 22

Meglio spiedo
mixed grilled fish*

Salmon, swordfish, squid, cuttlefish, shrimp, zucchini, peppers and cherry tomatoes, served with parsley and ginger gremolada.
Gremolada: mince used after cooking to flavor the dish.

€ 24

(Meglio spiedo is not available at Karné)

All the meat spits are accompanied by three homemade sauces produced by our Chef.

* Some ingredients may be fresh or frozen depending on market availability.