Our new beer MEGERA Winter Ale limited edition has arrived.

Designed for the winter, it is a amber colored beer, handcrafted by Birra Libera ® brewer master with traditional English malts and German, English and American hops.
Ginger root and juniper berries enhance its character by making it slightly spicy; as soon as it is poured it hits the aroma of ripe fruit, while at the first sip the ethyl of the beer is well balanced by the spiciness. The particular production process and the long maturation at 0 ° C make it limpid and not excessive body.
The result is an all-round beer that is well suited to typical winter dishes: served with polenta, grilled meats and savory sauces, without disfiguring in delicious
combinations based on chocolate, creams and dried fruit. Do not miss the pairing with tiramisu!

After the preview dinner of Novembre, 29th in Casatenovo, it is now available on tap in:
Acqua e Farina (Agrate Brianza)
Fabbrica Libera (Casatenovo and Cornate d’Adda)
Grani&Braci (Milano Monumentale)