OFFICINE ITALIA in TOUR is an enogastronomic journey along the peninsula to let you discover the culinary excellence of the Bel Paese.

Until June 30th we stop in SICILY, the island of thousand flavors.

A land that has hosted different peoples and cultures since ancient times; the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs most of all donated  ingredients and recipes to Sicilian cuisine which over time have become the highest culinary expression of the Italian island.
From Palermo to Trapani, from Messina to Siracusa, an intertwining of flavors from the sea and from the land, of traditions and history, for a journey to discover Sicily.

Discover the restaurant’s proposals in our menu: specialties such as pasta with sarde, cannoli, arancini, swordfish, panelle, … combined with a selection of great Sicilian wines: Grillo and Nero d ‘Avola.

Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture through the dishes of our kitchen, book now: 0413025548.

Take home with you the high quality Sicilian products available in our Excellence Market, such as the Modica chocolate, organic and cold-processed, the Busiate of Trapani, durum wheat semolina pasta made with artisanal techniques, the Origano Verde Sicilia, the Capers of Pantelleria PGI with sea salt and capers in extra-virgin olive oil.

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