How to organize a perfect corporate Christmas dinner

In every company, the corporate Christmas dinner is the annual event par excellence.
It’s a way to thank the employees of the work done, an evening to socialize among colleagues far beyond the simple coffee break.
It is the unique opportunity to stimulate employees, instill enthusiasm and therefore increase productivity.

But how can you organize the perfect Christmas dinner? The one that you will talk about for years?

Here are the pillars of the perfect Christmas dinner:

1. Location

The first point to pay close attention is the choice of the location.

The basic rule is for sure: choose a space outside your usual office.

The main evaluation factors for the choice of location are:

  • capacity
  • spaces flexibility
  • accessibility
  • costs
  • cozy decor
  • reachability

2. Relying on a specialized team

It is not only important where to create the event, but also how it is done.

Whether an elegant or informal dinner, it does not matter: if you choose a structure with a specialized team that can best meet every request, taking care to organize every little detail, then this Christmas dinner will be truly unique.

3. The right food

Creating a unique moment for our employees is also and above all a question of food.

The location can be wonderful, the team on site impeccable … but catering has always been one of the most important aspects for the perfect outcome of a corporate dinner.

You do not need a starry or exotic proposal, but an original presentation, creative and tasty!

Special needs (always present) must be taken into consideration: vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, etc.

It is definitely important to have a tailor-made and flexible menu, with valid alternatives for those who can not eat everything.

4. Arrange in advance

The Christmas season is among the most popular of the year for any restaurant, especially for events with a high number of participants

It is necessary to decide the date on which to organize your Christmas dinner as soon as possible.

The best location are snapped up and the available dates are drastically reduced as early as mid-November.

5. Create a remarkable experience

The Christmas dinner is a moment that employees await with enthusiasm and great expectations.

Making it an unforgettable party is a must, everything relies on the right organization.

Want to find out what employees want for their corporate Christmas dinner? Ask them! A simple informal survey is certainly a great way to understand what people expect from this party.

But how to make this moment an unforgettable experience?

The Christmas dinner is not only a way to thank the employees of their work, but also to create a real moment of team building.

Try to think outside the box to make it a fun and different Christmas dinner, one that everyone will want to replicate next year.

Organizing the corporate Christmas dinner is an important commitment: Gruppo Ethos teams are ready to help you!

Choose our exclusive restaurants and our tailor-made menus to make your company party a truly unique moment.

For lunches, dinners and corporate events do not hesitate to ccontact our events team, who will propose the best solution to make your Christmas party unforgettable!