Gruppo Ethos


After 30 years of business experiences in the food branch, Gruppo Ethos is a well established company. Today owns several restaurants throughout the country in Milan, Brianza to get to Venice and Rome.

“Restaurateurs always guided by ethics and passion” is our VISION.

Enthusiasm, involvement of human resources, research and control on raw materials, high standards of service: we are aware, as restaurant operators, of the social and ethical impact that business activity can have on the territory.

Innovation is driven by a sincere and profound passion for the world of food and catering, which involves all our collaborators and which is transmitted with an invasive process of involvement of human resources.


Gruppo Ethos has decided to undertake a series of commitments aimed at contributing to the sustainable development of the planet and of society.

We respect the enviroment and we sign a protocol with Legambiente every year.

Eco-sustainable restaurant in cooperation with LEGAMBIENTE TURISMO.
The corporate social responsability is a voluntary choice that makes the actions transparent, from the relationship with partners to clients ones. Gruppo Ethos works hard in order to improve its contribution in the enviroment and in the society. For some years now Gruppo Ethos has been following Legambiente tourism “Ecolabel” and focuses on how to promote simple but functional actions to reduce the impact on the environment and promote the comfort of our clients.

We offer organic and alternative dishes that follow the nutritional needs of everyone.

Our chefs use only high quality raw materials selected by our experts. Our chefs use only high quality and natural raw materials, selected by our experts. In our menu there are a lot of different organic dishes that follow the nutritional needs of everyone. You can find a “wide” assortment of “without yeast”, “without lactose” and gluten free dishes.

Our restaurants are family-friendly. In every restaurant there is a kids area with entertainers.

Our restaurants are family-friendly, able to host families with children. We have a special menu for our little guests with simple dishes; in every restaurant there is a kids area with entertainers.

We cultivate a charity project to support non-profit associations in the area.

Transform an easy and ordinary act like eating in a restaurant in a chance of solidarity and support, choosing Gruppo Ethos restaurants. Some very famous Italian associations have already joined our project, together with Amnesty International and more than 100 other teams, clubs and various associations.

With our brand LIBERA® we have created a special product line.

Our products are homemade and made only with organic and natural ingredients, free from the taste standardisation. Here there are:

  • Birra Libera®
  • Torrefazione Libera®
  • Cioccolata Libera®
  • Distilleria Libera®
  • Bolla Libera®

We follow a rigorous control planning for nutrition security.

We implement the self control system named H.A.C.C.P. (law 26/05/87 n°155 “Attuazione delle direttive 93/43/CEE e 96/3/CEE concernenti l’igiene dei prodotti alimentari”). Its goal is to prevent risks from consumers thanks to the application of some specific work methods during all the producing process, from the delivery of raw materials to the consumption. This method is controlled and monitored and every year a new program is defined (regularity, methods, type of controls, analysis).

We want to make a training specialized team.

We promote the training of all our collaborators, in order to teach and pass down passion not only for working but also for our clients. This makes us able to work with qualified people.

We invest on work, time, energy but also creativity, taste and entusiasm.

The PASSION for food service can’t be measured only remaining in the field of business. Passion means giving to the customer more than a simple meal and dedicating the work time, energy and also creativity, taste and enthusiasm. It’s from that spirit that we create our editorial proposals, signed Ethos Group.

Different advantages according to every client’s need.